Online Databases

As part of the Regional Frontiers project, the Heritage Futures Research Centre (HRFC) at the University of New England, Armidale, has developed an online relational database which is being used for various projects.

Designed and maintained by Janis Wilton, School of Humanities, and Armidale IT Solutions, the databases provide a means to collate, connect and share research, through the linking of sites, people, objects, documents and images.

These databases are works in progress, being added to by volunteers as time permits. Additional information for these databases would be much appreciated.

Databases of particular interest to the Inverell district are:

Family Ties
Family Ties logoA project documenting the people, sites, objects, documents and events relating to the Newstead/Elsmore pastoral district near Inverell in northern New South Wales.

Project partners:

  • Inverell Cultural and Arts Council
  • Inverell District Family History Group
  • Historic Houses Trust of NSW.

Access the Family Ties Database here.

Different Sights: Immigrants in New England
Different Sights logoThe histories of immigrants from non-English-speaking backgrounds who have settled, for longer or shorter periods of time, in the New England region.

Project partners:

  • NSW Migration Heritage Centre
  • NSW Heritage Office
  • Local historical societies and museums throughout the New England region.

Access the Different Sights Database here.

Other projects can be viewed at The Regional Frontiers website.

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