Inverell and District Family History Group to move into library

Article by Steve Green of the Inverell Sentinel 1st June 2018


President of the Inverell and District Family History Group Kathy McLeod said her members are looking forward to the move.


INVERELL and District Family History Group will move into the Inverell Public Library on Sunday, June 17. Of course, a lot of work needs to be done by both organisations before that happens, but group president Kathy McLeod said they will definitely be there on June 18th.

“I’m not sure what condition we will be in, but we will be there,” she quipped.

“The whole group is pretty excited about it. The area will be fantastic and we’re really quite appreciative of the council and the library to accommodate us.

“The community will just have such better access to our historical collection, which will be added to the library as well, so that will make it easier for people just to go to one place to find family history, historical notes on all sorts of buildings and organisations.”

Kathy said the group’s collection would still be manned and maintained by group members who would also continue to offer help to people searching for information.

“We’re hoping that with better access we might get more people interested in our group, able to become members or to help out,” she said.

“It will be a good combining of resources, with what the library has and what we have got.”

Library manager Sonya Lange said the library would be closed on Thursday and Friday of next week because she had builders coming in to make the necessary alterations for the family history group.

“Our current family history room, which is a glass enclosure, will be doubled in size,” Sonya said.

“We’re taking down the glass wall, moving that back and putting it back up. We’ve got data and electrical work going on, so we’re going to be completely rearranging the area to fit the family history group in and give them room to be able to work with our clients when they come in.”

Sonya said the process had been ongoing for some time and council had only signed an MOU with the group earlier this year.

“Yes, there is a lot of work involved in this, but that’s fine, because what we’ll end up with is a great collection relating to the region that’s accessible in one location. We’ll have the skills and knowledge of the group of volunteers from the family history group … and I reckon that’s all a great bonus for the community,” Sonya said.

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