International Women’s Day

The observance of a day for women dates back to the early 1900’s.  At an International Socialist Women’s Conference in Denmark 1910 it was proposed by German socialist Luise Zietz and agreed upon by the delegates that an annual Women’s Day be established to promote equal rights for women.

It has been observed on different days in February and March but since 1914 it has been on the 8th March, mainly celebrated by communist countries and the socialist movement.  The United Nations adopted International Women’s Day in 1975 which was International Women’s Year.

To celebrate the struggles and achievements of the wonderful women of our region over the years we have selected some of the photos of the women in the Devine Collection.  If you know who any of these great ladies are please let us know.  Members Merv and Beryl have now processed and catalogued over 2900 negatives from the Devine Collection and there are still plenty more negatives to go.










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