Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to use your library resources?
Non-members are most welcome at any time; however a fee of $5 per half day is payable.

 My ancestors didn’t live in the Inverell district so how can I research my family tree?
IDFHG has many interstate records as well as resources from other family history groups around NSW. We also have access to some overseas records. Come in and ask what we can do to help you.

My grandparents are buried in the Inverell area. Can you tell me if there is a headstone and how to find it?
We have comprehensive listings of cemetery transcriptions and court house records for Inverell and district which are used for this purpose.

Do you have information on local properties and villages?
Our library contains many references to district properties and villages.

My father attended (so-and-so) School.  Is it still there and where will I find it?
Our library contains records of the location of various district schools as well as published school histories which may be of assistance.

How do I record my family information?
Family record forms to use with your research may be downloaded from the following websites: